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Top 10 Funniest Comedies Of The Month

1. You should be grateful that you are single, my friend is still apologizing for sleeping early yesterday without saying goodnight.

3. She posted. "No one can ever take what God has given to me" I commented. Where's your virginity? she blocked me.

3. I learned from my mistakes so I decided to make more mistakes to learn more.

4. Stop blaming the rope for being too short. Blame the well for being too deep If you like say you don't understand it doesn't concern me.

5. When an active lady on a group goes mute, she has found love. When she is back with motivational speeches, her heart has been broken.

6. I want a girlfriend who will put her breast in my mouth when I'm crying.

7. When you are broke, no one takes you serious. Even dogs bark at you when you pass by.

8. Girls are like mangoes, whiles you are waiting for them to get ripe, My brother others are eating them with salt trust me.

9. If I have ever given you the impression that I have money please I'm sorry. It's not true. If I ask for your help, please help me.

10. I always hear people saying legends are born in Jan, Feb, March and the rest of the months. Please I want to ask this harmless question. In which months were thieves born?

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