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Abuse in relationships: Is It advisable to keep an abusive partner in a relationship? (Read more)

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The recent issues of abuse in relationships accross the country have triggered the curiosity of many Ghanaians over the years. It's been quite surprising as many news reports have been headlined mostly with murder and sometimes assault cases associated with abusive relationships. This issues have been of high concern to many Ghanaians as people feel it is very unreasonable for someone to end up loosing his or her life in an abusive relationship.

In the context of many, an abusive relationship is one where a partner criticizes, embarrasses, insults and sometimes assaults the other. One question that currently stands in the minds of many is; Is it advisable to keep an abusive partner? Well, though many would disagree with the idea, others (especially some ladies) might be willing to keep abusive partners for the sake of love. Love is indeed very blind.

In most abusive relationships, it is noticed that the abused partners especially the ladies are not willing to let the relationship go; all in the name of true love. Well with the kind of headlines we see in the news concerning abusive relationships, it is never advisable for any individual to stay in an abusive relationship for any reason as the end results of such relationships may brutal and unbearable.

On the other hand, most people who believe in true will agree with the fact that abusive relationships are the best. According to these kind of folks, the relationship becomes more interesting when one partner abuses the other. Others also believe that, keeping an abusive partner shows true love. This is clearly an unreasonable perception hence, individuals who face abuse in their relationships should be advised to break away from their partners. Share your thoughts on this

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