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Sad: After sacrificing for her boyfriend, he left her to marry another lady because of tribe issues

A 29 year old lady has recounted how a man he was dating has badly treated her. According to her, she has tirelessly sacrificed her entire life for a man she trusted and loved but it all ended in tears. She shared this story with Xandy Karmel on her 'Yenom Tea' show at Angel TV.

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Narrating the story, she indicated she was into business while her man was still in school studying as laboratory technician. The guy in question gradually completed school and started working. Since the lady is doing business, he was able to convince her to empty her account to establish a well equipped private laboratory which he used his name to register. The lady did all these in the name of love. Finally she was dumped and the guy married another person because of tribe issues.

"I am a girl of 29 years old. I started dating a man who was schooling then while I was into business. I sponsored him the best I could to see him through education as a trained lab technician. He convinced me to release the business account for us to establish a private laboratory in addition to the government one he is doing. He established the lab with my money, registered it in his name only to tell me two years later that he is very grateful for my help and that his parents want him to marry from his tribe. He indeed broke up with me and married another woman".

She continued to by saying that, it keeps occurring to her to pour acid on the guy or poison herself to death because she is very broken and hurt.

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