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How to win her heart at the first attempt

This article is not for the Shutdown or the wealthy men who have an easy time with moneyed women. It's for men who have a genuine crush on a woman but don't know how to express it.

Women have traditionally been prohibited from approaching men. Contemporary women are breaking this taboo by telling men how they really feel.

Egoistic men misunderstand this new approach as implying that the woman is vulnerable and cheap. So, if you're really that lady and want to start something, let me assist you.

Offer a subtle signal that you are truly interested before starting a conversation. Look her in the eyes, but just a few times. It's safe to start your conversation if the woman reciprocates with an equal gesture (she smiles at you and maintains eye contact with you).

Never use the typical pickup lines that guys use all the time. Many females are aware of this strategy, so you will be rejected if you use it. Say something nice about her beauty and be sincere.

The dialog will flow naturally once you've overcome your own fear and lack of confidence. It would be extremely beneficial if you have a decent sense of humor.

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