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What These Two Ladies did to Each Other in Public That Made People Believe They Need Men Around Them

The online video of two ladies with a strong look riding a bicycle, but the bicycle did not pass properly. Obviously, there are reasons that the bicycle does not move correctly, because it can be imagined why the two ladies cannot ride a bicycle properly and that the bicycle does not move correctly because of their heavy body.

The fact that the two ladies are too large and too bulky for the bike is a very critical fact, which must be stressed. The weight of the women made controlling the bicycle very difficult for them and also made it difficult for the moving of the bicycle. Below are photos of the strong ladies and twitter users' reactions;

The funniest part of it is that both of them are heavy duties, the bicycle is too small for them and only a big one can move them from them on from that place. Nowadays, ladies especially love to put themselves on social media by all means and this is one of the methods they use to trend with.

see what people are saying here:

What if they were able to move the bicycle to the main road and they got it by a car? i mean it's wrong for adults to play with something that could hurt them. It's clear in the pictures that the two slay Queens weren't capable of controlling the bicycle and this might lead to their down fall.

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