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5 times when young people decided to date older people

Unlike the past generations, this generation is known for springing up surprises at any moment. We have propagated the “I don’t care” attitude to the extent that many people have no shame when it comes to making decisions as well as its aftermath.

They just don’t care about what is going to happen in the end, caring about what other people are going to say or think about them is none of their business. This is the world we are living in at the moment.

This article of mine is aimed at times when the young ignored their age mates and moved straight to people who could either be their fathers or grandfathers. Moving straight to someone like your father or grandfather is no problem but the problem comes in when a certain variable is introduced. I am sure the statisticians will understand what I am talking about.

This variable is “a relationship”. These young people I am about showing you ignored their peers and age mates and went ahead to date and even marry people who can give birth to them. Isn’t this weird? Do they feel alright after taking actions like such?

This got me asking myself a very important question. I am sure most of you are also asking yourselves this same question. What would make people at such a young age go in for people who are old enough to be their fathers out of their own will?

After analyzing the possible answers which could perfectly answer this question, I arrived at a certain answer. These people deliberately date old people because they know there is a high probability of these old people handing over all their properties to them before leaving the earth.

Never talk about the fact that some of these young people are facing challenges in life and hence move to these old people tagged as “sugar daddies” and “sugar mummies” for financial support because there are other young people out there who aren’t relying on “sugar daddies” or “sugar mummies” but their own hustle. Many people out there are hustling to make a better future for themselves without snatching anyone from their partner.

The love for material things has forced these people to take up these positions in the lives of the old and I found out that most of these people are expectant to seeing these old partners bid the world goodbye so they get total dominion over their properties. Well, I wouldn’t put the blame on them. The old people do know these guys do not come in for love yet they open their gates for them and accept them into their lives. What will make you think a lady or a guy at such a young age will settle for you on the basis of love?

What makes the whole issue sad is that, most of these old people who are moving out with the younger ones have wives and children but have neglected them. Sometimes they see their children suffer but turn deaf ears to their struggles. They would rather invest it into the life of a young girl who only wants to drain them like Dracula on a full moon.

Well, below are some pictures depicting some young people who had no shame going ahead to date people who are old enough to bring them into the world.

Take a look at them below;

What do you think about this whole issue? I made three different scenarios concerning such an issue, let me know what you think about them

1. What would you have done if you saw either your father or mother engaging in an affair with a kid who is even younger than you? Would you feel okay and encourage them to continue their relationship or will you act with rage? Please be honest

2. Imagine your girl child coming to you with an old man and telling you that man is the love of her life. What would have been your reaction?

3. Imagine your relationship being drowned in financial hardships and an old man approaching your girlfriend and telling her he is going to provide whatever she needs only if she dates him. Would you let your girl go ahead to date him? Would you tell your girl to decline his offer knowing perfectly that you need money so badly? Would you ignore the fact that your girl can drain him and share the money with you behind the scenes?

Let’s discuss it, let your views flow like streams in the comment section.

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