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Use these 7 silent treatments to teach your man a lesson.

If your husband hurts you unintentionally and seems to be unaware of the damage caused, giving him the silent treatment is a good indicator that there is something bothering you. This strategy will allow you to cool down, think things through, and regain control over the situation. However, you should make sure not to take things to an extreme.

1.Act as if he isn't there.

Just pretend he was invisible. Walk past him as if he were Oliver Jackson-Cohen in "The Invisible Man".

2. When possible, use monosyllabic responses.

Your answers should be as brief as possible, without further explanations or the desire to engage in a conversation. But that doesn't mean you cannot use cold answers such as "Ok" or "Yes".

3. Make him long for your company.

Make sure to make it obvious to him that you can have fun on your own as well. Uploading pictures of your fun adventures on social media definitely helps. He will soon start missing spending time with you and it might even make him feel a little bit jealous.

4. Create some physical space between both of you.

You can avoid making eye contact by sitting next to him, holding hands, hugging, or kissing. When there is love, it is difficult not to get close to your beloved one. But it’s all for the sake of a valuable lesson!

5. Don't answer his messages.

If he sends you a message on Whatsapp asking how you are doing, take the time to read it and reply. If it is not something that requires immediate action, just ignore him. Since you are at it, make sure to ignore him on social media too.

6. Take on an ego-centric role for a few days.

It's time to rearrange your priorities and focus on yourself. Focus on those things that make you both mentally and physically happy. No one can resist a person exuding happiness and self-sufficiency. That will definitely get your husband's attention and motivate him to work things out.

7.Be patient and give him time to act at his own pace.

You must be patient and give him all your attention when he is ready to talk to you. In the end, problems can only be solved through open communication. If he loves you, he won't hesitate to work things out. The silent treatment only works if there is love.

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