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Tips on how to care about your girlfriend

Every woman wish to get a guy who cares about her. However most men are finding it difficult to figure out things which shows that they care about your girlfriend. Below are the things which shows that you care about your girlfriend.

1. Pay her compliments

One way that people feel love is through verbal expression, meaning words. Compliments definitely fall under this category, so try giving your lady a compliment. Pick out a quality about her that you absolutely love and put it into words. Or, you might just go with a general compliment, along the lines of “You are absolutely wonderful.” Tell her how much you adore her and aim for everyday or multiple times per day. Some compliments might include, “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” “Nobody could make me as happy as you!” or “You’re so smart.” A compliment about a woman’s physical appearance, and how lovely you find her, can also go a long way. Try telling her that you love her eyes, her nose, or just her overall: “Sometimes I can’t take my eyes off of you.” Don’t compare her to others, unless it is

2. Encourage her

Expressing your love in words includes affirmation, so encourage your lady to show her that she’s loved and appreciated and that you want her to grow. All of these will show your love. Gently encourage her passions. Say that your lady loves photography and sent in some work to a competition but was not selected. Express your support, i.e. “It didn’t happen this time, but you should try again. I believe in you.” Other ways to express the sentiment might include, “You inspire me” or “I’m always in awe of your creativity (or ambition/insight/mind).” Be careful not to turn encouragement into nagging. Encouragement focuses on something that your loved one wants to do, while nagging focuses on something that you want her to do. Tone is also very important. Make sure that your tone is loving and kind, otherwise she might interpret your sentiment in the wrong way.

3. Say that you love her

For many people this is obvious. why not tell your loved one that you love her? However, it bears repeating that expressing your love in words is really important, as everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated. There are also many ways to say it beyond the usual “I love you.” Be creative! Try “I adore you,” “I cherish you,” or “My love for you is unconditional.” Alternatively, you might use a phrase that starts with her: “You are my treasure,” “You mean the world to me,” or “You have my heart.” Tell her that you miss her when apart. “I miss you” is good, but also consider “I can’t stop thinking about you while you’re away.” Depending on your lady, terms of endearment can also say “I love you” in different terms. Sweetheart, dear, my love, and honey will work.

4. Ask for her opinions and ideas

Asking your lady for advice shows that you trust and respect her judgment. While it’s not explicit, and whether a big or small issue, you are affirming her with your words in a way that she will appreciate. Actively solicit her ideas. “Dear, you’re so good with colors that I wanted to ask you what you think looks better here, red or blue?” Every time she is speaking to you, make an effort to look her in the eyes to show that you’re paying attention. Ask questions, as well. Engage actively instead of listening passively.

5. Showing Love through “Acts of Service”

Help out around the house. Another way that people feel loved is through “acts of service,” which basically means feeling supported in their everyday lives. It could be helping with chores, housework, cooking, or cleaning. If your lady speaks this language, you could start by helping her around the house. If you have an equal split in housework, pick up some of her chores, especially if she is going through a hectic period at school or work. If you tend to have a more “traditional” division of labor at home, get moving and help out! be quite small. For instance, you might buy her favorite brand of lotion at the store – because you noticed she’s out and because you love her.

6. Showing Love through Gifts

Gift giving is one of the better and more understandable ways that people feel love. Who doesn’t like presents, especially when it is thoughtful and shows effort? It doesn’t have to be expensive after all, it really is the thought that counts in this case.

Gift giving shows that you enjoy giving and are sensitive to your lady’s likes and dislikes. It also shows generosity. For this reason, some people say that gift-giving men make better lovers.Try classic flowers or chocolates. An occasional card can work, as well. For some women, even very small or trivial tokens can be powerful symbols of love. Definitely make sure to give her gifts on important days like her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, and your anniversary. But also make a habit of surprising her. A random gift even a single flower shows that she’s on your mind.

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