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Reasons Why You Should Drink A Glass Of Water Just Before Sex.

Before you try to do anything sexy with your partner in the bedroom, try drinking some more water than you usually do. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do to amplify your sex life. For ideal levels of hydration, it is recommended to start drinking water 12 to 24 hours before sex so that water reaches every cell in the body. To find out your hydration level, you can check by monitoring the colour of your urine. If it is dark-colored, then the body needs more water. Here are the reasons why you should drink water before sex.

For more lubrication.

As a lady, before getting intimate with your spouse, there is the need to drink a glass of water, because dehydration can lead to vaginal dryness that can lead to pain and make lovemaking less pleasurable.

Easy orgasms.

When you are hydrated, not only are you better lubricated but there is more blood flow to the nether regions leading to experience of better and longer orgasms.

Amps up energy levels.

If you feel tired before entering the bedroom with your partner, try a glass of water as a carnal rescue. Water boosts energy levels. If you haven’t drunk enough water, poor hydration in the tissues affects the energy generating processes in the body thereby leaving you with less stamina and energy for sex. 

Beats fatigue.

An energetic sex session can be as tiring as exercise. A recent study says that 25 to 30 minutes of sexual activity is comparable to a 3 mile run. Also there is a post-sex energy dip. Water can help you beat the fatigue that comes with sexual activity.

It is generally advised to take water at least 10-12 hours before sex to make sure it reaches every part of your body but still, you can have a glass of water just before sex. It will help you last longer in bed and eventually improve your sex life.

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