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Husband and wife relationship

How To Live With A Difficult Mother InLaw

In our Africa marriages, there's a believe that when you marry someone you have married the entire family.

Therefore in our Africa homes brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews of any of the spouse can easily visit except restricted homes where there are numerous laws.

And among these family members, the one that normally visits without pre-information is the mother of the husband. 

They visit unannounced because they know they are visiting their sons forgetting that their sons are married now.

Therefore most marital homes are encountering problems due to issues of this nature.

But whether wives like it or not mother in law's will definitely visit their homes one way or the other.

Therefore every married woman should learn how to live with difficult inlaws so that in case it happens, they will be convenient with the situation.

1. Take her as your mum

When you unfortunately get a difficult mother in law, one way you can live with such a person is to see her as your own mother.

No mother how your mother worries you, you can still tolerate her because she is your mother.

Therefore when you get a mother in law who portrays difficulty, try to see her as your mom and respect her no matter what just as you will do for your mother.

By doing so she will one day come to herself that she isn't treating you well.

And will stop without anyone advising her.

2. Consider the love you have for your husband

If you truly love your husband, when the mother does something against you, you will consider the love you have for him and let it go.

Because the Bible says love covers multitude of sins.

Therefore try to use the love you have for your husband as covering to tolerate the mum's difficulty.

When any wife do that, the husband will even speak for her whenever the mother wants to disturb her or disturbs her.

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