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Funny Quotes And Pictures To Keep You Laughing For The Whole Day.

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Laughter is very important to the human body system. When you start your day with laughter, you are most likely to have a happy and exciting day. This why you should make time for this article in order to enrich yourself with joy and happiness.

Without wasting much of your time, let's take a look at some funny quotes and pictures below here.

1. The only problem you get when dating school girls is that you always receive text are the syllabus of my heart, the bodmas of my happiness When am with you I know that am geographically located..historically remembered, mathematically calculated, physically fit, chemically reacting, all Darling you are the library of my peace.

2. If she is bathing and singing at the same time then she goes silent all of a sudden then you know that she is now cleaning the minister of finance.

3. Real virgins start crying the moment you lock the door... But these Hiroshima and Nagasaki war veterans will just smile and hold it like a toothpick.

4. Some African parents will put " Beware of Dogs " sign on their gate when their daughters are in their adolescent stage and still looking cute . Once they are 40 years and not finding anyone to marry, they change the sign to " Ice Blocks sold here

5. In Africa,Maths teachers are never sick and English teachers are always pregnant.

6. When you build a house let your wife decorate the ceiling for you......She has seen more ceiling designs than you.. I repeat when you build a house let your wife decorate the ceiling for you.. She has seen more ceiling designs than you my brother.

7. last week I went to a local church for prayers. while we were still in the prayer session. and suddenly the pastor touched my shoulder and said you will walk.. I didn't understand bcuz I had no disability... but when I got out of the church I realized that my transport money. was I had to walk.

8. When you go to a filling station,pretend to be on the phone with someone.They will tell you,''We don't make calls here'',Ask them why and they won't be able to explain.

9. I have never seen an alcohol company use a drunk person in their adverts.. Are they ashamed of their customers?

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