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See What This Beautiful Lady Did at Her Own Wedding That Got The Pastor Angry

Getting married is one of the most important things in human life, the joy of getting married cannot be overemphasized, especially when you are lucky enough to find the right partner who will love you unconditionally. Women show their delight more than men on their wedding day, they wear expensive clothes, they make expensive hairstyles, but their mode of dressing sometimes can be the talking point. It has been observed that ladies who wear English wedding gowns are mostly dressed in revealing clothes, they like to display their front side even if it is a church wedding in front of the pastor.

A beautiful lady's appearance on her wedding day has caught many people by surprise after she appeared in a revealing outfit in front of her pastor. The lady appeared at her wedding as if she was going to a nightclub party after she exposed her front side, and the church members who were present to grace the occasion were shocked to see the busty lady appear in such an indecent dress inside the church.

This incident happened in Uganda where women have previously been accused of wearing indecent clothes on their wedding day. Unfortunately, for this lady, the pastor got angry at her for exposing her front side inside the church and decided to send her out of the church. The pastor threatened not to bless the marriage until the lady changes her dress to a more decent one.

The lady could not believe what the pastor did because previous weddings have been held in the church where the bride had dressed indecently, and the pastor did not have any objection to their marriage. The groom pleaded to the pastor to bless the wedding, but all his pleading fell on the pastor's deaf ears.

It would be unfair to criticise the pastor knowing fully that the wedding was going to take place inside the church, and a church is known as a sacred place, a house of God and a place that should be respected. This lady deserved the treatment she got from the pastor because she should have realised that appearing inside the church is unacceptable. This type of behaviour is something that needs to stop in our society if we are going to regain our decency tag on the African continent.

Do you think the pastor was right not to bless the marriage? Let's hear own opinion.

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