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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things That Makes A Good Husband

In my opinion, there is no perfect man on earth. Every man has his own character traits, such as behaviour, qualities and also what makes him a complete man. Eventhough I know there are certain traits common in most men, there are others that are distinctive.

Some men love using their power, authority to have something that they desire to have. They make sure that they take the neccessary risk to achieve something great. However, what really makes a good husband? How would a woman know that a man has a marriage material. These are some qualities that a woman looks for in a man.

1. A Man Who Listens More Than Talk

Women love men who listen to their views, suggestions, contributions, worries or complains. They feel loved when a man gives them a listening ear. A husband not When we talk and share our feelings, we feel closer to others and get our needs met.

2. Honest Man

Dishonesty is a foundation that creates unhealthy relationship. Honesty is the key foundation of Trust. A good husband realizes the importance of honesty in a marriage and he works towards it. Therefore he creates a loving ambience in the relationship. Honesty builds trust between couples. Honest men show respect to their women.

3. Selfless

A good husband puts the emotional and physical needs of the wife. Regardless of how the woman feels. The man does not care he thinks he has the final say in every decision. No woman can tolerate this attitude. It is frustrating and most women feel manipulated and depressed.

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