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She’s Preparing her to Become a Lesbian: Ghanaians react to Mother and Daughter Kiss.

For everything, there is a beginning. Even in our local parlance, we say: madness starts from the house. This simply means whatever a person becomes, the genesis of the matter emanates from the home or his/her upbringing. That is why Ghanaians have descended on this mother for giving her daughter such a deep long kiss.

For some, this is just a mere love gesture that mothers should have. Except that in Africa, mothers rarely do that. Some mothers have not even hugged their daughters before since they came of age. However, deep kissing between mothers and daughters has never been our way of expressing our love affection.

Well, this image has provoked social media conversation. Some Ghanaians think the mother’s action is grooming the child for the abominable lesbianism act. Because most homosexuals explain the genesis of their sexual orientation and they always attribute the start from home, society family and/or friends. Thus, the mother’s act is not commendable. Well, others too supported the mother for her kiss.

What do you think about the matter too? Do homosexuals generate their sexual orientation from their mother’s actions or it is just organic?


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Africa Ghanaians Kiss Lesbian Mother


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