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Love Is In The Air. Hilarious Pre-wedding Photoshoots To Make Your Saturday A Memorable One

It is a beautiful brand new Saturday morning and like the saying goes, "Saturdays are for weddings". Well, in my country Ghana, this statement is a very true statement since most people have their weddings on Saturdays. In this article, I am going to talk about some hilarious pictures which were taken prior to some weddings which have happened on this continent. These pictures are what we always term as "pre-wedding pictures"

Pre-wedding pictures are taken before the final wedding day arrives. These pictures are to give people notice about what is going to happen in a few days to come. In these pictures, you do see the couple having a good time together. I hope it's right if I say those pictures are the first official pictures of the couple. Most of these pictures are amazing but for some of them, you get to see comedy within those amazing pictures. I then decided to compile five of these pictures and see what you think about them. Let's go through them below;

1. This beautiful couple decided to take their pre-wedding picture at the golf park. Well, the woman must be a very good golf player. I hope she doesn't break his jaw. We don't want to witness a wedding where the groom will walk down the aisle with bandages all over his face.

2. I think this picture is the most hilarious amongst all the five pictures I compiled. The bride-to-be is forcing the love of her life to sign the wedding papers as soon as possible and if not, there is one thing which is likely to happen which can blow his mind.

3. This is another hilarious picture talking about the wife to be kidnapping her man. It is funny but also makes much sense when you try to analyze it critically. Obviously, the man is no more likely to be staying with his parents, he will get a new house which he will happily share with the love of his wife. She is literally taking the man out of his home to form a new home with him. This marriage is really going to be interesting

4. This is a clear representation of "I believe I can fly" if it was a picture. What makes it someway weird is the fact that she has lifted him with a single finger. How can a woman left a man with a single finger? Thanks to the almighty Photoshop. What an awesome picture it is!!!

5. Well, they will get used to such incidences and so, they are starting it at a very early stage. Taking a look at their faces, you get to realize that the man is really pushing his guts out. The woman on the other hand is not loving the smell. What a lovely union this would be.

These are the amazing pre wedding pictures I decided to show you all. Looking at these pictures, you are assured that they are highly compatible and would move mountains together. Marriages are about you going in for a person who will make you happy the rest of your life and I am sure these couple found their right pairs. I hope these marriages bloom with unending happiness. You can let me know the best two pictures amongst them in the comment section. For me, number 2 and number 5 were the funniest amongst them all, have a very nice Saturday.

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