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Husband and wife relationship

Husband Beats Wife To The Point Of Death For Not Using 12 Cedis To Prepare Fufu And Light Soup

Sad news hits Kumasi, young man beats his wife to the point of death, the question here is what happened?

It was just reported yesterday that a young lady named Joyce Ayera Find living in the Northern region very difficult, so she planned to move to Kumasi to see if indeed life is going to be fair with her. 

With all that intention's, she moved to Kumasi without knowing anyone there and started hawking on the street, God being so good, she met this young man.

They stayed together as husband and wife for 8 good years without the man going to look for the ladies parent, not talking of going to pay her bride price, In the course of their stay together they had two children. 

So one early morning, the man was going to work and he left GH¢12 cedis ok the table for the woman to use in preparing soup and pound Fufu for him. The woman was very disturbed, because where on this Earth can you use 12 cedis to pound Fufu and light soup. 

The woman made a report that, almost the whole day she was having a running stomach, so she wasn't able to prepare the prescribed food by the man. Not ending there, she prepared rice and oil for herself and the children so that incase the man comes, he can also get something and eat.

As a noble man who have closed from work yelling of hunger harshly called his son to bring his food, as at the time he arrived the woman was in the washroom, so the moment he opened the bowl and saw that it was rice and oil, he was very annoyed and planned evil.

He harshly called the woman, and asked her why rice?

The woman claimed she didn't finish answering her and the man gave him a dirty slap, infact he beat her messlesly till she nearly lost her sight.

The other tenants rushed in to save the woman and quickly rushed the woman to the nearest hospital, the doctor seeing how the woman was looking after she narrated the problem called the nearest police station to seek for the man's arrest.

The picture looks terrible, because how can a young man beat a fine woman all because of food. Not even bringing out the right amount of chop money. 12 cedis, how?

So my people, as I have visited you this afternoon, this is the sudden issue coming out from Kumasi it's very terrible, what do you also have to say.

Do you think the man is right, or he needs to be arrested and jailed?

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