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Husband and wife relationship

Meet The Two Known Children Alleged To Be 'Husband And Wife' - See Pictures

Since their pictures appeared on the internet, there was a lot of buzz about these two people who are rumoured to be a couple.

Do you know that children as young as 12 years old will marry in the United States of America? Although some speak out against it, child marriage continues to be a problem across the world. This demonstrates that certain children have received the honour of being called husbands and wives.

Could this be what's going on with these two children? Most people were against this act because they believe they are not responsible enough to embark on a lifelong journey of marriage, according to online reactions.

They seem to be wealthy individuals based on their beautiful photographs. Some of the pictures showed the boy and girl dressed alike, and one picture showed the boy carrying a large sum of money.

What are your thoughts? Is it possible for them to win the title of husband and wife? What if they were a group of poor people?

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