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The first day I put on wig, it looked as if I had charmed Men because they kept on approaching (URL)

This is Sister Rye of Ivory Coast's story:

My sister in America sent me wigs to sell in the market because I sold African loincloths there. Actually, we agreed that she would send wigs for me to sell in the country. This was actually a collection of Indian wigs donated by women who had donated their natural hair.

Over time, I realized that these natural hairs of Indian women were dedicated to Hindu deities in temples before being sold all over the world. When I left Islam and came to know the Lord, I was misled by liberal pastors of modern churches who told me, "You are too religious." You are no longer a Muslim; instead, you are a Christian.

You must be modern and up to date because the Lord desires that His children be beautiful. There is nothing wrong with wearing earrings and makeup and looking posh.” “You are a beautiful lady, take care of yourself,” these God-fearing men kept telling me. You can't ignore your appearance; you have to dress up.”

However, in Islam, I was not wearing make-up or jewelry. When I followed these leaders' advice, I noticed that the earrings and chains I began to wear were itchy on my skin, and I wondered why. And I had no idea that the wigs my sister had sent from America were dedicated to the spirit of witchcraft and Indian gods.

When I first started selling the wigs that my sister had sent me, I decided to wear one of them. When I went out in the street that morning after putting on Indian hair in a saloon, it was unprecedented. Cars stopped in the street to ask if I was married or single. Men on the street were enthralled by my beauty and complimented me on it.

I discovered that these Indian gods to whom wigs are dedicated collaborate with a marine lady of the sea and queens of seduction. When I returned home with this wig, our guards told me, "Madame, we no longer recognize you." You are stunning. “How come you didn't take care of yourself before?”

I had no idea, my dear brother, that this captivating beauty was the result of the spirit of seduction that had entered my life through this wig. And ever since that day, whenever I slept through the night, I've been itchy. I was banging my head because I thought there were maggots crawling on my head.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to take this wig off and put it back in the pack. I told myself a few days later that I couldn't live with this hair attachment. I'm in desperate need of a replacement. I decided to go to the saloon and get a new natural hair attachment.

I began to fear the unknown when I received a new natural hair attachment. Beloved, the spirit world and demons are both real. I'm a bystander. Praise the Lord for rescuing me from a situation where no one could help me.

God is truly Love. I would have died and gone to Hell if I had not died. God intervened unilaterally and sovereignly in my salvation out of His love. Her true story about the harmful effects of wigs can be found in one of my previous articles. Please follow my page by clicking on the + Follow button. Share the post as well.

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