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Guys take note: Things your girlfriend wish you could do for her but will not tell you

Naturally girls wants to be pampered by their boyfriends in a relationship. Every girl wish her boyfriend does certain things for her in their relationship in order to make them feel loved, happy and stay like glue to their boyfriends.

Below are some of the things every girl wish her boyfriend will do for her in the relationship.

1. "How was your day?" and a hug

A girl loves to talk. ask her about her day, how it went and even if it isn't something great, listen. Don't ask her every now and then, the day she doesn't tell you herself, ask her then. Some girls get really shy when it comes to PDA but a friendly, comforting hug is welcome anytime anywhere.

2. Compliment her without asking

things that every girl wants from her boyfriendYour compliments can make her heart skip a beat Compliments are lovely and it feels even nicer if you pay her compliments without her having to fish for them. Tell her how lovely she looks without makeup and see her face brightening up. Appreciate the meal she cooked for you.

If you’re heading out for a party or a date, and you see she has put in an effort in dressing up, stop, stare and let her know she blew your socks off. Compliment her on the things you genuinely like about her, no matter how small or inconsequential they may be.

These are little things that every girl wants from her boyfriend, and if she gets them effortlessly, she’s sure to appreciate you a whole lot more

3. A kiss on the forehead.

It is the sweetest thing. This kiss shows how much you care. No matter how many times you plant it on her forehead, she will love it.

4. A surprise.

Depending on how low/high maintenance your girlfriend is, she will smile brighter if you got her a surprise gift or reservation.

5. To be safe.

If you plan a long drive or a long night together, safety is important. A girl expects her boyfriend to care about what troubles her, who causes her to worry. She expects to take care before you get on with going wild. She should know without asking that you will take care of her if she downs too many shots.

6. Say ‘I love you’ more often

She knows that you love her but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it. Yes, she already knows you love her. Yes, these three words may start to seem routine when you’ve been together a long time. But actually hearing the man in her life say it like he means it just lightens up the day for us. This is undoubtedly one of the things that every girl wants from her boyfriend, irrespective of how long you’ve been together. It makes her feel loved and more secure in the relationship, and also strengthens the relationship. So guys take note of what every girl wants and make the effort to do these cute little things to show some love to your girl. And girls, let us know if you want to add something extra to the list in the comments below!

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