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Ladies:- If your boyfriend does not post you does it mean he does not love you?

Ladies are some types of persons who are naturally characterised by jealousy, I shouldn't even use ladies but girls in general. They mostly do not want to see anyone near what's theirs. They can go any extent to get rid of anyone who comes between them and their lover.

Men also feels jealous at times but theirs is not intense as compared to that of ladies. Ladies can go to the extent of committing suicide when they get heartbroken unlike men who can get over it. Men are physically and naturally strong so they can bear anything unless they put the fear that might stop them to do the expected.

However, let's get started with the main reason why we came here. Ladies mostly are like if my husband or boyfriend doesn't post me then he does not love me, in some cases and certain circumstances it might be true and at the same time false.

So, we are going to talk about it here. Some men do not post their girlfriends simply because they don't want to hurt other girl's feelings and that's good, such men are superb.

Maybe they have girls out there who are madly in love with them and if they should post their girlfriends, the other girls would feel jealous and might even commit suicide or ran mad.

It might even create enmity between the girlfriend and the crush. Most men knows this that's why they seem not to post and nothing else.

In the opposite, some men have girls out there dating with so if they should post you, their girlfriends out there might come to realise and know that you really love another person which will cost the man dearly.

It is two things all together, both negative and positive impacts and reasons. And in some cases, the female do not like the idea of your showing her off likewise the male.

What is your thoughts on this?

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