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“I Slept On The Floor For 4 Years With My Ex-Boyfriend But When He Got A Job, He Did This”- Lady Lam

After being loyal to their boyfriends for a long time, some ladies experience serious heartbreak. This is why some women choose to go after rich men rather than put up with broke men who expect them to marry them once they become rich. Lady would not be pleased to have spent many years in harsh conditions, but when he becomes riсh, he abruptly dumps her.

A woman on Twitter revealed that her boyfriend couldn't afford a mattress for four years, so she had to sleep on the floor with a mat. However, he eventually got a job and moved to a one-bedroom flat, but he refused to marry her because his mother doesn't like where she comes from.

This sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, including the following:

The lady must have experienced heartbreak as a result of her ex-refusal boyfriend's marrying her. After spending so many years with him sleeping in filthy conditions, the best thing that could have happened was for them to marry each other, but things turned out differently, unfortunately.

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