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Things men find annoying in women. Ladies, please take note and never do these.

Although women are of course different from men in so many diverse ways but in marriage relationships in particular, there are many things in common between women that causes great inconvenience to men. In most cases, many men prefer not to talk about these stuff so as not to exaggerate the problem or make the woman feel as if they do not love her.

Women are very nice and charming, and their beautiful nature always gets men happy and pulls men towards them. This is just nature, women are extraordinary. Irrespective of the fact that they are extremely beautiful and get men coming closer, men tend to move backwards when they get to notice some things about some women.

It is therefore expected of women in marriages and relationships to know how to prevent these so as to make their men happy.

This article is going to see me disclose to you the most important things women should note in their relationships so as to prevent the precipitation of annoyance in their men. Ladies, please learn to avoid them so as to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner to a better state.

1. Lack of independence

The husband’s involvement in every decision, no matter how small, is incredibly annoying for men. Men like women to rely on themselves in decisions about home, family, etc., especially as they are the most knowledgeable about life at home and how things work and what is best and they trust their opinion a lot. You shouldn't always be asking him the simple things. Sometimes, you have to buy the little things, don't always wait for your husband or boyfriend to buy the little things. Men dislike women who are always dependent.

2. Crying to get attention

Crying will inevitably take him away from you, there is no person on earth who likes to feel that he is the reason for someone else's misery all the time. If you have a problem with him not caring about your feelings, you should talk about it honestly instead of crying all the time to get his attention again because over time, he will never care about your crying and the distance between you will increase. Don't ever let your husband ignore you in situations where you genuinely need him just because of the bad behavior of crying to gain attention.

3. Desire to change

The desire to change anything in a man, no matter what, turns you into a major annoyance, and in his eyes you only become grumble. You have to make sure that if a man wants to change anything in himself, he will change it without anyone asking him to do so. Sometimes, the things you want to change will really make their life interesting but trying to force it on them wouldn't make them cooperative. Instead, start it in pieces.

4. Negative energy

To reject his ideas and make him feel how those ideas are failed plans and will not work is a very bad thing. People marry in order to find support and bond in each other, not frustration and negativity, even when there is criticism. towards any subject.

5. Treating him like a child

We all know that pampering men like children takes the relationship very far but that does not mean that treat them just like children, it is really annoying and a man feels insulted. You don't te him when he should sleep and when he should go out. This gets them annoyed most often. Never ever think you can treat a man like a child lest he leaves you.

6. Doubt and jealousy

We all need a space in our lives, a space where we feel free and not bound by a certain thing or person, but men need it more. Doubt and jealousy in this case with a lot of calls and messages when he is outside the house turns your lives into hell and makes him run away from you all the time. When some men find out that you doubt them, it is all over for you. They will give you a reason why you should doubt them, be careful of what you wish for because you might find it one day.

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