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Wedding planning scene

Take A Look At How People Reacted When A Chief Fell During A Wedding Ceremony.

One of the most embarrassing things to occur at wedding ceremonies, engagements, funerals and any other social gathering is for a guest to fall down. Some of these incidents happen because of the negligence of the event organizers. The old man in your picture has been captured slipping and falling down heavily at a wedding ceremony.

Watching the video carefully, the chief was called to give his remarks at the wedding ceremony as a special guest. Not knowing there was water on the tiles so as he stepped on it he slipped and fell heavily on the ground that it was the MC who came to help him rise to his feet again. This fall might even affect his spinal cord.

This took place right in front of the married couple. Some people were heard in the video saying "Oh, Nana sorry". Some people at the event were also heard in the video laughing at the chief uncontrollably. Some social media users after coming across this video said that the chief might be drunk. They argued that he was not walking properly when he was going to collect the microphone from the MC.


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