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You will know if you are intelligent or not if you do these things.

Intelligent people have the following characteristics:-

  1. They never follow popular opinion, because most common people are wrong on most of the issues.
  2. They don’t trust everything that is claimed to be true unless they ascertain the truth themselves by their own research and analysis, because they know that what freely comes to them is usually garbage.
  3. They trust their own opinion more than anyone’s else as they form their opinion based on logic and reasoning.
  4. They are lifetime learners since they know that as compared to the total knowledge available in the world, they know only a little.
  5. They learn from every person and every incident of life by reflective prudence and contemplation.
  6. They don’t advice stupid people even when they are asked because they know those stupid people can never appreciate the truth (that is why they are stupid).
  7. They don’t argue with stupid people because they know that they will drag you down to their level and beat them with experience. (Mark Twain)
  8. They are not religious or have faith in any Scripture because most of the knowledge contained in these books are outdated and false. They, however, don’t reject the wisdom contained in these books.
  9. When they are verbally attacked by the stupid people, they never attack them back, but they pray for them like Jesus Christ (“Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing.”)
  10. They are not after money, fame or power, because they know that desire for these things is the root of all unhappiness in the world.
  11. They don’t waste their time chasing what the world considers important. They rather spend their time knowing themselves and do what gives them joy and satisfaction.

Intelligent people would not do anything that goes against these principles.

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