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Use Rice, Honey, Schnapp and Termite Hill To Attract Money And Love - Follow The Directions Well

Beloved thank you for always having time for my articles every day. Please do not forget to share, comment and follow me for daily articles on lifestyles.

Inside my articles, I always make it clear for readers reading my article to understand every point I make so that they won't make mistakes while embarking on the rituals at hand.

In this article, I shall be showing my readers direction on how to attract money and love with rice, honey, Schnapp and Termite Hill in few steps.

Directions to follow when you need money

  1. Get one cup of rice, a 500ml bottle of honey, one bottle of Schnapp and go to any place where you can find a termite hill.
  2. At that place open the Schnapp and start praying.
  3. Whiles you are pouring the libation, sprinkle the rice and the honey on the Termite hill.
  4. Keep telling the gods that you need financial stability.
  5. Once done, go home and thank the gods later after all things have gone well for you.

Directions to follow when you need love

  1. Get any ring of your choice and go to any place where you can find a termite hill.
  2. Pray on the ring and put it on top of the termite hill for seven days.
  3. On the seventh day, come back and take the ring from the termite hill and put it on your finger.
  4. Once you see the woman of your dream, touch her and her hands and she will fall in love with you.

Your love must be genuine for the girl before it will work for you. NOTE: This article was made solely for people above 18+.

I believe this was helpful. In case you don't understand anything in this article, please do not hesitate to ask me inside the comments section below. Thank you.

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