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Finding Trouble Gwtting Over Your Ex? This Is For You.

If you’re reading this, you need a long hug. “The broken heart will reach everyone.” This is now one of the most popular quotes among the Ghanaian youth. To be honest, this essay won’t be beneficial if you don’t know what you want. Getting over your ex is not a walk in the park. After a heartbreak, you’re much more insecure. With everything you’ve invested into that relationship, you’ll be lying to yourself if you say you’ll walk out perfectly fine. You’ll be mocking yourself if you’re not able to move on. We humans have stagnation. I hope this essay helps you to get over your ex.

◦ Change in mindset. With everything you’ve invested into that relationship, it won’t we easy to walk out. That person was obviously your knight in shiny armor. Unfortunately, this has to change now. Since the person no longer prioritizes you, you’ve to forget whatever you’ve ever had and every single thing you’ve done for them. Move on champ! They are not worth your tears.

◦ Don’t Stalk The Person. When an individual’s relationship ends, they tend to stalk their ex on social media to see if they show signs of them missing them. However, stalking causes you a great deal of pain. The pain is much more when you realize they’re doing perfectly fine without you in their lives. So dear, don’t stalk them. Give your heart a break from pumpkin so much blood since you might have anxiety attacks.

◦ Moving their stuff out. Out of sight is out of mind. When you’ve their stuff lying around, it constantly remind you of them and the pain they made you go through. Even if you’ve healed, you might still feel sad when you see them. The best thing to do is to pack all their stuff and either donate them or through them away. I’ll recommend donation since seeing a smile on the faces of others might help you get through it.

◦ Become More Social. A lot of people tend to move away from people when they’re heartbroken. This is the time you need to be around people you care about. Their positive energy surely affects you. When you’re with them, your world suddenly stops rotating and you forget all your problems. Doing this often will increase the secretion of serotonin; helping you fight the depression.

◦ Move On! If you’re able to survive the first few days post your crushed relationship, you’re definitely on your way to success. Because it’s the toughest period. You’ll also realize the sun still rises and sets, birds still sing and you still wake up every morning. The world isn’t waiting for you. No matter how your ex made you feel, if they were the right one for you, you would have still been in that relationship. Treat yourself kindly and share positive everyday with those you love and care about.

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )

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