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Husband and wife relationship

Seven Major Things To Consider When Choosing A Fiancée

1. The fact that his parents love you dearly does not mean the child will also love you dearly after marriage.

2. Don't marry him because you parents think he is gonna be a good father to your children.

3. Do not marry too early or else you will miss out some good times in life, like your time of being single and free and your youthful stage.

4. Will you be in a position to take care of your home incase he looses his job?

5. Will you be comfortable to live in his present house and you will ask him to vacate from the house?

6. Will you or your parents be ok with his tribe...are your parents not tribalistic?

7. Are you ok with his level of education.

These are some of the things you have to consider when choosing a fiance whom you would love to be your future husband.

Many girls ignore this when they see money but it goes all the way to affect their marriage negatively.

Therefore as a single girl planning to marry, try to watch out for the above. 

Wish you all the best in your choice of husband because marriage

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