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Man Narrates How His Girlfriend Dumped Him For Her Ex- Boyfriend

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Elder Isaac had been in a relationship with his sweetheart from Domeabra for four years. The man revealed that when he first met his partner, she was expecting a kid. She even told him that her baby daddy had abandoned her after she became pregnant for him. Isaac indicated that they were living happily and that he, too, was caring for the child.

He went to see the lady a few months earlier but discovered that the baby daddy had returned and was in her room. Isaac learned that the lady' s ex- boyfriend had spent two weeks with her before he left. Isaac even learned that the lady' s ex- boyfriend spent two weeks with her before leaving. The man stated that he did not respond and returned to his home. Isaac went on to question his girlfriend why she let her ex- boyfriend stay in the same room as her for two weeks.

But the lady insulted him, and her conduct has altered since then. She no longer cooks for him or washes his clothing; she also spends a long time conversing with the ex- boyfriend and spends all of her time with the ex. Isaac stated that he alerted his sister about his girlfriend' s behavior toward him and that after a few weeks, her ex- boyfriend returned. Her sister contacted her and asked why she was acting so strangely.

The lady disclosed to her sister- in- law that her baby daddy conducted her knocking ceremony when she was pregnant before abandoning her, which is why they have reunited. Isaac was astonished to hear what his girlfriend told his sister since the lady told him that the guy abandoned her after she became pregnant, but now she has left him and is seeing her ex- boyfriend. What concerns him is how he spent his money to care for the lady' s child, despite the fact that she has returned to her ex- boyfriend.

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