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Stay Away From These People If You Want To Be Successful

Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a coworker, there are some people in your life who you should avoid or limit your time with. I’m not suggesting you become a recluse. However, if you want to be successful, you should reconsider your relationships. Remember that emotions, whether positive and negative, are contagious. You’re a mash-up of your five best pals.

Keep in mind that this isn’t designed to be cruel (though it may appear that way at times), but rather to strengthen you in the long run.

Here are five of the most toxic people to stay away from.

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1. The first is the critic.

There’s nothing wrong with a little criticism now and then. But only if it’s in a positive way. After all, if done properly, this form of feedback can aid in the correction of a flaw. On the other hand, constant criticism is neither healthy nor beneficial.

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2. According to Brian Tracy, “People who are successful are always looking for ways to help others. ‘What’s in for me?’ ask unsuccessful people all the time.”

Successful people, on the whole, avoid associating with losers. What is the explanation to this? They have the power to prevent you from realizing your full potential, to harm your reputation, and to bring out the worst in you.

Instead, they surround themselves with good, hardworking individuals that encourage you to be your best. At the same time, don’t make the mistake of conflating failure with being a failure. Those who fail learn from their mistakes and move forward, whereas being a failure keeps you stuck in the same place.

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3. The serial liar

“Lying is a part of everyday existence,” says Robert Feldman, PhD, professor of psychology and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and deputy chancellor. However, when lying becomes out of hand, it can become a problem. Others who are successful are surrounded by people who are honest and provide accurate comments.

Even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, honest feedback is more beneficial than lying since it might help you solve a problem or bad habit you weren’t aware of.

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4. The party being.

Spending a Saturday night with a party animal can be entertaining on rare occasions. However, party animals want to go out every night of the week, which means you’ll wake up fatigued and hungover the next morning. How long do you think you’ll be able to keep that up? Limit your exposure to party animals if you want to stay productive and save money. It’s fine to let off steam or rejoice every now and then, but not every night.

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5. The tyrant.

While there are moments when you need to take command of a project or circumstance, successful people understand that they cannot achieve their objectives without the help of others. A control freak, on the other hand, is set in his ways and will not budge, even if it means missing a deadline or staying late to meet his demands. He’s domineering, manipulative, perfectionist, and detail-obsessed, and he goes after anyone who won’t stand up for themselves.

Get rid of these folks and see if you aren’t any different than before.

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