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There is a difference between what men like and what women like

A big bootie sparks every guy’s imagination and they spend a great amount of time observing that particular part of the female body. Let see some of the reasons here.

1.They mean higher fertility

Evolutionary psychologists suggest that men are attracted to rounded buttocks because they are a visual indication of the woman’s youth and fertility. It’s scientifically proven that girls with big derrieres have wider hips. Therefore, it’s easier for them to give birth. That is something guys are subconsciously attracted to.

It’s written in their genetic code, which means they’re compelled to look at their potential mates for procreation.One study found that men (subconsciously) prefer women with a spinal curvature of a 45-degree angle. This type of spinal curve enables them to remain mobile during pregnancy without the risk of injuring themselves.

2.It’s forbidden territory 

Guys are usually aware that the butt is off limits. It’s a place they are usually forbidden to enter, if you know what I mean.And that is why a butt (especially a big butt ) is that much more attractive —because it’s forbidden territory and they can’t have it, which makes them want it even more.

That’s why guys are obsessed with sex positions that include or accentuate a woman’s behind in the bedroom; it makes them feel like they are breaking the rules for gaining access to a no-go zone.

3. They are a sign of being in good shape

A nice, perky, big, round butt means that the girl really cares about her body.She is definitely working out to make her bottom appealing and in one word—beautiful.

So, it’s no wonder that guys get turned on by bigger butts; it tells them that women who have them take care of their bodies, which equals hitting the gym regularly. This cognition is extremely sexy to any guy out there because they immediately imagine a woman doing squats and their heart starts beating more rapidly.

4. They look perfect in jeans

Women, on the one hand, like to look lean and long in their jeans, while men can’t resist seeing a woman in a perfectly fitting pair of jeans that accentuate her curves. 

They are also really crazy about seeing a woman trying to pull up jeans over her thighs and butt.I guess they get immense satisfaction by watching the process of a big booty entering really fit jeans. They like to see that there is something holding those jeans up.

5. They are nice to feel

A big booty with the perfect amount of fat in the right places can serve as a pillow, hand warmer, or just something squishy and fun to play with.There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly shaped big butt to make a guy lose his mind and there’s nothing more soothing than the feeling of warmth by a nicely shaped booty!

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