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(Trending)The Obuasi Story: This Is The Soldier Guy Getting Married Today With His Bride And Ex

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The “broken heart” or heartbreak syndrome has been described as physical pain in the heart or chest after losing someone. Although the heartache mimics symptoms of a real heart attack, those with broken heart syndrome typically recover faster. This condition has also been called stress "cardiomyopathy".

This can lead to several health conditions such as sleep disturbances. This article research from different breakups suggests that romantic breakups, like the losses following death or divorce, can lead to bereavement symptoms including intrusive thoughts, difficulty controlling intrusive thoughts and insomnia as well as heartbreak syndrome and compromised immune function.

Is this the case in this lady's story? Is she suffering emotional trauma or she wants to retrieve the money she clams she invested in the relationship.? The whole story is summarized below:

A lady spends 30,000+ Ghana cedis on a guy whom she helped get admission at the Ghana Airforce base at Takoradi and currently the guy is a Soldier man. But he dumped her and went in for a another lady and they are getting married at Obuasi today the 20th of March 2021.

But the guy says his Ex (Madam 30,000 Gh) is a pathological liar. And that she dumped him painfully which made him nearly commit suicide and finally he found love again on Facebook and is getting married today and that his Ex is just jealous.

Now the Ex has promised to storm the wedding venue tomorrow with Ghana police to get her 30,000 from the Soldier!

The guy's friends (soldiers) also say they are ready to meet them! Boot for Boot! This is the full story summarized above. Well I think this is a crash of the Titans and Obuasi will be the center of attraction today.

What is your take on this? Is the guy right to have jilted the Lady? And is the Ex also right to demand his 30,000 assuming her claims are true?

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