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A lady goes viral on the internet with her style of making phone call

Gone are the days when only women were forced to respect men but today it has changed.

Respect which is gain mutually can never be undermine in a relationship between a man and a woman especially who have made up their mind to marry and it even continues after marriage.

In today's generation technology has made it possible to communicate with friends and love ones from afar.

One of the most widely used technology in the system is mobile phone. The nature of this technology comes with different dimensions.

Users of this technology ( mobile phone ) have different ways of using it, especially when making and receiving call from other users . Usually, the most common first two words to hear from a caller or a receiver is "hello" or "hi".

Now people have resort to different ways of making and receiving call mostly when talking to the their loved ones.

In a picture trending on social media platforms especially Facebook has to do with a very beautiful chocolate in complexion lady caught by CCTV camera making call whiles the street.

In the picture the lady in question is down on her knees as she was making the phone call and this has gotten the reaction of many users on Facebook to talk about it.

Some are saying that it is the best way a woman should answer call from her husband and other are also speaking negative about her reaction on the street.

Below are some of the comment on Facebook.

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