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Opinion; Why Many Women Are "Dying" for Ewe Men

Traditional, the term "man" connotes responsibility, composure, confidence and daring. Many ladies look for these and more in their potential better halves.

Many a Ghanaian man poseses one or a combination of these positive traits. But the people who come up top on having these characteristics that make them good boyfriends and husbands are the "number 9s" from Volta.

The Voltarian man is very hardworking, he ensures there is always bread and butter on the table of his family. Most of them are highly educated occupying various high positions in big companies and government offices. Those who do not have the privilege of being formally educated, are strong businessmen in charge of huge companies around the length and breath of the country.

Aside being enterprising, they are very caring and romantic; the Ewe men are caring and understanding. They are patient in their approach to women and handle the various moods of their ladies. No wonder they hardly break with their partners.

Last but not least, they are very interested in taking their children to school. That explains why, being it in government, military or academia, they are dominated by the Ewes.

All men in Ghana are Lovely and very responsible but the Voltarians seem to be leading the park.

Hope the article was educative.

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