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Divorce Affair

Throwback: When man divorced his wife after finding out he lied to her with makeup

Many women all over the world are into applying makeup on their faces. The idea of makeup is really great but the problem comes in when women cannot go a moment without applying them on their faces. Some women have relied on makeup to the extent that getting out of their homes without applying them on their faces makes them feel like an asphyxiating man needing oxygen so badly.


Makeup is supposed to improve the appearance of ladies but some ladies are “abusing” the use of these makeups. This article is about times when makeup totally changed ladies to the extent that recognizing them was very difficult.


Let me take you back to when a man filed for a divorce the day after he married his lovely bride. He saw his bride as a very beautiful and charming woman the day they slept. Morning came, the rooster crowded, the alarm blew, they had to finally wake up and smile at the rising sun. To his utter surprise, there was a woman beside him.


What happened? How did she get in the room. I’m sure these were thoughts that were running through his busy brain. Well, actually she was the woman he married, the only difference at that time was that, she had no makeup on.

The bed sheets had wiped the makeup off her face and now, it was time to face reality. The man upon seeing the face of his newly wedded wife realized he had been scammed and decided not to continue the marriage. I know some of you are probably doubting this true story. To the “Doubting Thomases”, here is a picture of the couple

Looking at the picture, I've been forced to think about how there's uniformity from her face to her chest. She probably applied makeup on her chest too.

To the guys reading this strange news, what would you have done if you were the man? Please be honest, let your opinion flow through the comments like rivers of living water.

I compiled a few pictures of times when makeup totally transformed the faces of girls. Relax, grab a popcorn and get a chilled coke as we move through them 

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