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How I Became Paralysed After My Fiancee Put A Ring On My Finger-Woman Tells

My name is Evelyn from Effiduase, I was a trader who works hard before meeting Akwasi Amankwa my fiance, he was my driver for a long time before proposing to me. I didn't accept the proposal at first because I thought he was after my money. A few months later, he pressured me to accept it and have sex with me. One day my fiance went and perform my knocking ceremony and also bought a ring and put it on my finger and promised to marry me.

Ever since that day I fell sick and loss my appetite but later found out that I got pregnant with Amankwa. I couldn't work anymore due to the morning sickness I had every day. Within few days I got weak and became paralysed within few days. I couldn't even walk again, it was my fiancee who even bathed me. Due to my situation my sister-in-law started teasing me which even generated into a fight among the family.

I found out one day that Amankwa has another wife, I was even surprised, but I didn't let him due to my condition. After giving birth still I didn't recover from the illness but my condition worsened everyday. It was that time that I realized that the ring Amankwa put on my finger may be the cause of my illness. Later, the man took pictures of me and our baby, but I had a terrible dream where someone used a knife to kill my baby.

 I have prayed hard to avoid this bad omen, but have had sleepless nights, still I doubt that my illness is from that ring. I then asked for those photos from my fiancee but he told me unless he's done with what he wants to do it before I can have access to it. I am now afraid that I will die with my baby due to the sickness and the dream I had.

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Akwasi Amankwa Effiduase Evelyn


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