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'He Keeps Telling Me To Open My Legs For Him, But I Don't Understand What He Always Mean'

I am a young beautiful girl. I will turn 20 very soon and I have been in several relationships, but they do not work for me. I don't know why all my relationships are not going through for me.

In my last relationship, it ended in tears for me because, the man I loved with all my heart, cheated on me, so I had no option than to suit the relationship.

I don't want to start a new relationship for now because, I am hurt and I do not want to hurt anyone who comes my way. I therefore decided to take my time.

There is this grown up man, who lives in the next house to ours. He recently moved into his house with his family. He has been chasing me up and down, ever since he set his eyes on me. Sometimes when he is alone home, he calls me to come and sit by him and have a chat.

I have taken him as a daddy, but he insists we have a more intense relationship. He even says he wants to marry me, and make me his second wife, but still, I do not agree with him.

Anytime I pay him a visit when he is alone at home, 'He Keeps Telling Me To Open My Legs For Him, But I Don't Understand What He Always Mean. He has said this for quite a while now, and always gets confused.

The last time I went there, he almost undressed me, but I did not allow him to do anything with me. After I left there, he told me the next time I visit him, he will open my legs. What is he trying to mean because, I always open my legs at home, so I don't get him.

Should I go to his house?

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