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It is preferable to wear your engagement ring on your left ring finger. This is why

Wedding or engagement rings can be worn on any of the ten fingers. This is a choice one have to make. 

Now about 90% of people prefer to put it on the left ring finger because it is more preferable in the society. The reason is that, each finger has its own implications when the rings are on them. 

Let us take them one by one and see what it means.

A ring on the ring finger indicates love and devotion.

A ring on the thumb shows masculine and also power.

The index finger also indicates self-confidence, leadership and ambition.

And the middle finger shows responsibility and humanity.

Now that is why I said it is a choice to make on which finger to put it one.

But amongst the four fingers, it can be seen that love and devotion conquers all. When someone loves you, he or she will do all that the other three fingers stipulate. That is why it is appropriate and preferable to to wear rings on the ring finger

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