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Never let your woman go away if she has these three qualities

Good evening lovely friends and family. Hope you're all doing we by the grace of Allah Almighty.

Our today's topic is "never let your woman go away if she has these three qualities"

The first quality is the Ability to cook.

We all know that men need a good woman that can cook and take a good care of the house too. She must be well characterized in front of cooking

The second is respect to his man

A woman that Respect her man a lot can easily go to heaven so dear sisters, please respect your husbands.

Thirdly, she must be a good woman that works without a single and also work at the right time at the right moment at the right place

Once there lives Mr and Mrs Cassava. They gave birth to a very handsome boy called Gari who grew up to marry a very pretty girl called Sugar. They also gave birth to children like Water, Milo and Nido. One day Gari and the family were traveling to a city called Chopbox, unfortunately they had an accident on their way and was admitted into a hospital called Cup. Upon the critical examination by Dr Student, Gari and his family couldn't survive, they all died. They were then sent to cemetery by a car called Spoon. From there they were both buried in a grave called stomach of SHS student .

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Allah Cassava Gari


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