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What's The World Becoming: See What This 19 Year Old Lady Post On Facebook That Got People Angry

We've heard so many cases of young ladies been kidnapped, and killed all over the place, but what this little girl posted on her Facebook page really made me wonder what's wrong with her and what exactly is her reason for bringing up a such and such a thing.

A lot of things are really going on in the world and we sure don't know what it is, we just need to keep praying for the best.

This young lady came out clean and bodly on her Facebook timeline to invite men to chat with her simply because she needs a serious relationship. Although social media has done alot of favor to the world but it also has it's own disadvantages and love on the internet is something i don't really believe in.

She even revealed her type of man, her state and the age of the man she's looking for. For me this is very risk because many bad things are happening in this world right now.

What if an evil person picked her up and tried to use her?, alot of bad things are happening in this world and that's the more reason why ladies needs to be more careful.

The world is certainly turning into something else to be honest, you can never find a young lady in the olding days going out begging men to love her, this shows how bad the world has become recently, in Africa tradition it's only men that asks for women's hand in marriage but nowadays it's the other way round.

Do you think she's matured enough to be requesting for men online? Let's hear your candid opinion

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