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"We cannot tell our wives these things" - Captain boldly confesses

The nature of the man is built to be tough and withstand whatever turns out in "the going". "It is the man that drinks the bitter medicine", so goes the Akan adage. It is also true that not all the men have the thick skin to absorb the pressures and the heat of life, just as women are branded as weak but there are "outliers" who do conform to this status quo. These men may also not have the ability to push through the storms of life, and will easily breakdown.

In marriages or coexistence between a man and a woman, a lot goes through it that mostly may not be worth spilling out coupled with stress from outside, which is part of the reason why our Ghanaian people will tell you that the journey of marriage is very long. Men are the breadwinners and heads of the family and it is the responsibility to find and provide the needs of the family. All through these, the woman is not left out, as she has her own ordeals to handle, in making sure the family is sustained.

Some of the extreme pressures is why men mostly leave the earth early before the woman. How does the African take this or respond to the death of the man in marriage? Women are always at the receiving end of victimization. This Wednesday night, 23rd June 2021, Captain Smart has shared a story of a woman who lost her husband to low blood pressure when they both returned from abroad to Ghana. According to Captain, the family threw her out of her husband's house and till date the woman has not been her normal self again. In addressing this issue, he pointed out that too much stress kills most men because they mostly keep it to themselves. "There are so much pressure on the men, even those from our work place, but when we get home we are not able to tell our wives about them, and they are killing us", captain added.

He urged all Ghanaians to apt in our dealings not to wrongfully put people in perpetual damages. He made this call on Smart TV's "Smart show" on Wednesday night 23rd June 2021.

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