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(Video) Check Out What A Man Was Caught On Camera Doing To His Girlfriend

There have been several suggestions by people indicating that the kind of generation we are now seeing are dominated with individuals who will do anything without considering the consequences so far as it will yield for them money.

This is why most of them end up miserable in most cases as would have been seen or heard of some youngsters who try to go in for money rituals.

The youth of today, most especially those still in the second cycle schools and those in the Tertiary seem to amaze the old by certain things they do lately.

These and many other occurrences all sum up into convincing us that indeed the end time is near.

In the process of having fun, you will see a lot of the youth involved in certain acts that do not speak well of them and the homes as well as community from which they come.

This is why you can enter into a pub or bar and see our young individuals smooching and grinding each other, some taking in a whole lot of strong alcoholic drinks and some even smoking shisha and the rest.

The most painful thing is that, they end up gradually destroying their internal organs without knowing.

Due to the presence of scented flavours in the advanced form of cigarettes that they call shisha, they inhale more than necessary without even realizing.

When you try to question them, they will tell you they are having fun and they see all these acts to be fun and assume there's nothing wrong with them.

In a video trending online, you would see two young individuals, a man and a lady seated at a place that seemed like a bar with the lady sipping some drink and the man smoking shisha.

Surprisingly, the moment the man inhales the smoke, he emits it out into the under part of his supposed girlfriend sitting right beside him when he raises up her short straight dress. The lady also in the other hand, saw nothing wrong with this and sat quietly watching him as he continued doing this.

One question an individual may be compelled to ask is, Is the lady under a spell or how much of money does she even bet from the man to sit down for such a humiliating act?

Try as much as you may to understand their actions, you may never be able to. Parents and guidance should please be watchful in their wards as it is not very good to share such things on social media since they may one day go against the individual.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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