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Husband and wife relationship

Husband calls for help in finding his wife and car

Husband calls for help in finding his wife and car

Forty nine year old Agya Afari, who is known in real life as Shadrach Afari, is on the edge of collapsing over his missing wife, cash and car. Benedicta Afari, is the wedded wife of Agya Afari, and both has been living at Tantra Hills in Accra after their marriage eight years ago. Agya Afari surprised his wife Benedicta last month 21, with a car after she kept complaining of stress on the road. She was taken into intensive driving from the 21 to the 27 of February, before the car was handed to her. Benedicta knew how to drive, but Agya thought been extra cautious and teaching her the new technology the car came with, was very beneficial and took her thorough all she needed to know. Benedicta has been driving herself to work from the 1 of March, this year till the day she went missing. She is a civil worker at Nsawam, and moves from Tantra to Nsawam everyday to work and after work. 

She left home on the 2 of March, which was Tuesday to work, and has since not been found with the car and money she was carrying. Benedicta on 2 March called Agya in the afternoon from work, to ask what he was going to eat for dinner, and was scheduled to make it home and prepare dinner. Agya called her back in the evening, for her to meet some clients on his behalf, and take some money from them. Benedicta was at Ofankor, going home on the 2 March, when Agya called her to make a uturn and meet the people for the money. Benedicta made a u turn at Ofankor barrier near Tiafa junction, and went back to Nsawam road to meet the people for the money. 

Agya deals in many businesses, which tiles and Turkish security doors are part. He gives on credit to the customers he knows personally, when they don't have the full amount to pay. He only does that to people he has worked with, for over five years. Agya gave 3,000 pieces of Indian and Italian tiles to one of his trusted customers, but the man could not pay in full amount. And was to deliver the money in a month's time. Agya never bothered stressing the man for the money, because he knew him and has done several businesses with him in the past. 

The man Obed, called Agya to let him know that his money was ready and will be deposited into his account the next day, since banks closes at four. Agya wanted cash to settle some labourers, so he volunteered to take the money by cash. And was to meet the man for it, he later changed his mind, and made Benedicta collect the money since she was using the same route to come home. Benedicta met the man at half past five in the evening, on the 2 March and took the money. 

Benedicta called Agya when she took the money, and knew what to do. She was to drive home and cook for Agya as agreed on, in the afternoon, when she called him to ask what he was going to eat for dinner. Agya knew his wife was home after seven in the evening, and was calling her, if she will prefer vanilla ice cream or otherwise. He called over fourteen times, and no answer came. He thought she was cooking or doing something else, and had placed the phone somewhere. He bought both ice creams, should in case Benedicta reject the other, he still won't be at fault.. 

He got home at eight, and the main house was on power off. The security had no access to the main gate, but had access to the outside environments, and switched on the lights. Agya was surprised why the lights were off at the main building, and the security man told him, Madam hasn't returned home. Benedicta who took the money from Obed at almost six in the evening, was not home at eight. From Amasaman Stadium to Tantra, was a ten minutes drive, and about thirty minutes drive looking at traffic. Even if the traffic was very tedious, an hour was ok to have gotten Benedicta home. But she was nowhere to be found. 

Agya called her number several times, and nobody picked, until the 3 of March, when a masculine voice picked the phone and spoke Hausa. Three voices were heard at the background, a twi slow voice, Hausa, and another twi heavy spoken man. The phone was and has been off on the March 4, and neither Benedicta, the car or the money has been found. She was wearing a straight material dress to work that day, and was known to be wearing the same dress, when he met Obed for the money. 

Agya has since reported the case to the Achimota police force, and Benedicta has not been found. She is an akan by birth and a Ga by native origin. She was born to an akan father in Antonsu, but her mother was a Ga woman. She speaks both GA and twi very well. She also speaks Spanish, French and German after taking languages classes. She is very simple, and like simple people. She is not violent, and has never acted in any manner that will hurt others. She is a very peaceful woman who seeks the interest of others, in everything she does. Report to the nearest police, if you see this car anywhere, or Benedicta. Agya is sure, some people have taken the car and his wife, but there are no connections leading to anyone. 

These are pictures of her, on the day the car was handed to her, after her extensive training with Agya on the 27 February. 

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