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Dear Men, Never Force A Lady To Have Sex With You, It's Dangerous For Both Partners

Having intimacy without using lubricant is known as dry intimacy. The vagina naturally produces lubrication that helps facilitate intimacy. If natural lubrication is not enough, people can use artificial lubricant, or lube, to make intimacy more comfortable. When a person becomes aroused, their vagina produces extra lubrication.

Along with other techniques, lubrication can be eliminated utilizing natural aphrodisiacs, everyday cleaners, antiseptics or wiping out the vagina. Dry sex is linked to higher health risks. This is why you should never force a lady to have intimacy with you, it has negative adverse side effects on both partners.

Practices related to dry sex that reduce or prohibit vaginal lubrication during intercourse increase friction, which may be felt as greater vaginal tightness and enhanced pleasure for the male partner. Some guys who insist on having only dry sex view "wet" women as impure.

Men and women both experience pain during dry sex. Dry sex is widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Afro-Surinamese women have also reported experiencing it in Suriname. The practice has been connected to South Africa's high rate of HIV/AIDS infection.

As a result of the practice, both partners are thought to be at an increased risk of contracting HIV and other STDs, including chlamydia. Vaginal tissue lacerations can be caused by increased friction during intercourse. The natural antibacterial lactobacilli that fight STIs are also eliminated when the vagina is dried.

Additionally, due to the increased friction during dry sex, a condom is more likely to rupture. Additionally, it might cause traumatic lesions and/or vaginal inflammation, which could further promote STD transmission in various ways.

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