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Guys, here are things that make your girlfriend crazy about you

There is no shortage of good people. If you want to improve your dating game with women, you have to be an irresistible man. If you want her to be crazy about you, you need to do more than just make her chivalrous and entertaining.

Here are 7 ways to make her love you more!

1. Push yourself to get

Date her and let her believe that you really like her, then go back a few days. She'll be intrigued. Let her wonder what you really are doing. She turns to herself and tries to understand what is happening to you.

2. Make your life more exciting

She needs to know that your life is wonderful. She needs to make sure you have joy in your life. The more exciting your life looks, the more she want to be part of it. She want to look at you and say wow, what a guy!

3. Become a mysterious man

It behaves strangely. Don't let him believe that he has noticed all of you. The more you hide, the more you will want to know about tracking. Give him a taste of your life from time to time and leave from time to time. She won't help you spend more time with you.

4. Dress to kill

Always maintain a professional appearance. Even if you're a laid-back type, you can't afford to appear unkempt or filthy. Dressing nicely does not imply wearing formal attire. With a bit extra grooming and fashion, you'll be able to pull off the casual appearance as well. You want to be the guy who makes her weak in the knees every time she sees him.

5. To be a man full of surprises

Don't be the boy next door. You have to be funny and spontaneous. Surprise her by biking to your favorite places in town while waiting for an appointment at the restaurant. Poke her surprise. You should make her life exciting, and she will not be able to resist you.

6. Use Tact for your benefit (with your permission!)

If she is comfortable in your area, use Touch for your benefit. Lightly place your hand on her arm. Place it behind your back to guide you as you walk. Only when she becomes sensitive, agrees, and feels comfortable, but in a very subtle way that makes her want to feel more about you.

7. Become a rock star in bed

There is no skill that suits good sex. Get acquainted with your movements and let her immerse her in bed. And you must love you as if she didn't want anything else in her life. 

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