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DATE RUSH: Will Fatima's choice of man cause her relationship with Bismark? [Opinion]

Fatima has been in the news from the time she represented on the dating show till now. Among all the ladies who came on date rush, Fatima is the person who has really suffered heartbreaks and there is no doubt about that.

Recently, she was seen on Delay show granting an interview. That was when she revealed that she was not on date rush purposely for love alone. She said she was there to market her craft as well. Delay then asked her why she kept on putting her rush off for most of the guys. She answered by saying the guys were small for her. Small in the sense that they don't fix in the category of men she likes. She also said they are not mature so that is the reason why she mostly put her rush off.

Delay again asked about her taste of man and she said she likes a man who is not too tall or short with dreadlocks. Fatima got a nice gentleman called Bismark but with no dreadlocks. Did Fatima consider Bismark who doesn't have dreadlocks because she kept long on the show and wanted to leave or he was the one she likes? Will she overlook on that and settle with Bismark? Well, we wish them all the best and good luck in their relationship.

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