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I Did A Blood Covenant With My Girlfriend But I Don't Love Her Anymore But I'm Scared To Leave

A young man who committed himself in spirit and flesh with his girlfriend has begun to regret his decision because he doesn't feel committed anymore but is terrified to leave the relationship due to the terrible consequences he's likely to face as a result of the blood covenant.

He shared the story of how he got himself into the entrapment of blood covenant on social media. He explained that as a means to prove his love for his girlfriend he had to do the blood covenant at the time of breaking or deflowering his girlfriend for the first time and since the lady was a virgin, she needed a guarantee that the guy won't just disappear from her life after she had given him the precious gift.

The man who has been faithful to his covenant and promise to the young lady is now in a dilemma because he does not feel love towards the woman anymore but can not terminate the relationship because of the consequences that might arise from the blood covenant.

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