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I Don't Care if He is With a Different Lady, I Love Him so Much - Lady Confesses on Facebook

It all started last year when I met this guy last year. He approached me with love proposal but I told him I can't date him.

We became friends till January this year we became intimate.not forgetting all through the friendship he showed me care and love.well he had this lady friend who he usually talk to on phone in my presence not knowing he proposed to her in December since I wasn't giving in but she also kept him on hold until valentines day this year then we were already into an intimate and loving relationship.

According to him he didn't know how to break her by giving her the details of our relationship so he asked for time to let her know his feelings for me.l never knew he was sleeping with her until yesterday night when he confessed but she knew we were dating but still kept seeing him.he is saying he is confused and doesn't want to hurt any of us.I am not willing to let go ,so is she I really need advice if I should fight for him or let go.He loves both of us to.pls alert me on posting and keep me. anonymous.thank you.

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