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Some bad attitudes that can easily bring break up in relationship

Some bad attitudes that can bring break up in relationship by both partners.

1. Cheating your partner.

2. Unnecessary arguing.

3. Bad interpersonal relationship.

4. Lack of knowledge in home chores.

5 Disrespecting each other.

6 Laziness

1 Cheating your partner in relationship can bring break up in relationship due to the uncontrol of emotions, disrespecting the man, lying to each other, financial situations, childlessness, barring woman etc.

2 When both partners argu on unnecessary issues, it can lead to fighting each other everyday, feeling uncomfortable in the relationship, going through stress, etc

3 In this case, having bad interpersonal skills with people living in the same house or neighborhood, such as talking to people anyone, giving cheek answer to elderly person, always fighting with people can lead to break up in relationship.

4 Lacking of knowledge about house chores can affect you especially the women, in courtship in relationship, a woman without knowing anything about about house chores can never be married by a man. It can also affect your parents by raining insult on your parents by others.

5 Disrespecting each other or your partner can lead to break up, due to your morals you learn from friends.

6 Laziness is the most horrible behavior when an individual show up whilst under relationship can be sack back to his or her parents house, and it can also lead break up in relationship.

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