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Do this if you are facing serious spiritual attack

The jujube or seed of peace is in essence the symbol of peace and luck among Africa. It is customarily used during dating, at reunions, at various inductions, when dating twins or on business. We open a pod that we share and each eats (odd) grains in order to attract peace between the contracting parties: It is for this reason that it is called seed of peace .

Ability 1:

Jujube is a sacred fruit that fights bad people and negative vibes. If after going out with the baby, if upon your return home you notice that the baby cries constantly, then chew a few grains of jujube (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ..., n-odd grains) and breathe (spit out while blowing) all over the child's naked body then rub it. Reaction: the baby will calm down quickly and fall asleep like an angel.

Power 2:

If you want to go to a place where you will meet bad people (evil eye carriers, wizards, vampires, etc.), before you even leave your home, chew a few grains of jujube (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ..., n-odd grains) and breathe into your palms.

Then, rub your body with the help of these palms while expressing your wishes for protection. Finally, put a jujube pod in your wallet, bag, satchel or pocket and go out. Result: no thief will dare to tempt you.

Power 3: If you work and your money is always devoted to lavishness (gross and unnecessary expenses, we speak of pierced hands ) then mix all the seeds of a jujube pod with cooking salt + your wishes for prosperity and rub your hands. Result: bye bye with pierced hands.

Power 4:

To protect against spells and negative waves, use all the grains of a jujube pod + a handful of salt + bath water + wishes of protection against the evil eye, bewitchment, misfortunes, repetitive failures and bathe. You will be surprised at the results.

Power 5:

For purification baths, sometimes 7 sweet jujubes and 7 bitter jujubes are used with the addition of king of herbs. We triturate everything in the bath water and we bathe. Reactions: 1- If you pee or have the sensation of peeing, then your purification was successful. 2- Otherwise, you should proceed to another purification.

Power 6:

7 jujube seeds + the king of herbs (leaves + flowers) + your wishes, eaten early in the morning decant any situation in court in your favor NB: You should be innocent beforehand.

It's a miracle ! This same recipe also helps those who would like to go from one place to another without an identity document to go there while allowing them a trick to police control.

Power 7:

To purify the house or any other place, mix the jujube grains with salt + wishes of purification and sprinkling of the places.

Result: there will be peace in the house or places.

Ability 8:

For the return of affection, chew the grains (7 grains for women and 9 grains for men) of jujube and breathe through the window by calling the beloved in the morning upon waking up.

Power 9:

If eating a meal in dreams (night poison), pick a few leaves of the king of herbs and eat them with 9 grains of jujube (7 for women) or guinea pepper, drinking a little water afterwards and this very early in the morning without having eaten anything beforehand. Reaction: This ward off all effects of the Night Poison.

Ability 10:

Take a handful of the king of herbs and 9 grains (7 for the woman). Triturate everything in his bath water while meditating on his wishes for disenchantment, protection and unblocking.

Result: unlocking, protection, clearing and opening of opportunities in all areas. If you facing such spiritual attacks beyond your control, send me WhatsApp on zero five zero seven five ten eight seven eight

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