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10 Funny Jokes In The History Of Comedians That You've Never Heard

1. I have never seen a groom or bride going to toilet on their wedding day. Do they wear Pampers

2. Even in the Bible Job comes before Romans My brother find job before romancing someone's Daughter.

3. For those of us who sleeps alone in this rainy and cold weather, our reward is in heaven 

4. Can someone marry me it's urgent

I promise I will explain everything in our honey moon.

5. You don't have a boyfriend and you are looking for a husband, how you wan skip terms and conditions? 

6. Breaking up with someone who has your nudes is like going to police station to insult the D.P.O

7. If not for poverty sake, what can make someone argue that second hand fridge is better than brand new?

8. Sometimes when I see my crush passing I just wish we were chicken 

9. Marry a short girl, you can leave your phone on top of the cupboard without a password.

10. Date a lady that wears glasses. It takes them a longer time to see that you have nothing to offer

Good morning. Enjoy your day

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